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Phytomer is a premium line of spa products that uses natural marine ingredients, transforming the sea into skincare to better reveal your authentic beauty, and achieve incredible results in record time. Based in France for almost 50 years, Phytomer has its own laboratory that develops exceptional products for years before releasing them to the public, however, not all products that begin development appear on the shelves and become available for spas to use. If a product did not achieve the desired results in the testing stage which takes multiple years after the development, the product is not released, and development starts from the beginning.

At 7 Sky Spa, we offer 6 incredible treatments from Phytomer. The treatments have been designed by Phytomer, and many of their benefits have been clinically proven, allowing us to confidently promote their effects and benefits.

Our two most luxurious Phytomer treatments would be Sculpt Zone and Pioneer Facial Treatment.

We at 7 Sky Spa have been in the industry for 19 years, and have not seen a treatment that works better combating cellulite and reducing the circumference of the waist. Sculpt Zone is an intensive localized treatment on the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs to beat excess fat and cellulite in record time, with clinically proven results. More than 1 cm less in waist circumference in only 4 treatments.

Pioneer Facial Treatment is a surprising experience that is a must-try. The treatment consists of 17 steps and includes an active clay mask applied to your spine for the duration of the treatment, cleansing and rejuvenating face masks, exfoliating radiance gel for lips, and much, much more. The treatment focuses on the face, lips, and décolleté and has instant visible results as soon as you look in the mirror after the treatment. 100% of women prefer this treatment to their usual facial, from the 23 volunteers surveyed after the treatment.

Phytomer treatments are a world that needs to be explored. Sculpt Zone and Pioneer Facial are great places to start, after that, you can explore more treatments that we offer by Phytomer.

Leg Revival

A targeted treatment to comfort and relieve tired legs, as well as help restore their appearance, fused with a 15 minute shoulder massage at the end of the treatment.

Body Firming

A highly active gel wrap is applied and then massaged in order to firm the skin, tighten tissues, and combat skin slackening.

Skin Escape for Men

Cleansing and facial treatment creams in the PHYTOMER HOMME product range are used to deliver a more specifically adapted solution for the treatment of the male epidermis.

Satin Shimmer (Scrub)

Exfoliation with salt crystals combined with a moisturising massage for an express beautifying treatment that leaves the skin soft and silky.

Rare Salt House Therapy
60 min £ 110
Rare Salt House Therapy
60 min £ 110
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